Refuge in Grief – Day 22

Today’s prompt is about writing in my loved one’s voice from his perspective, inspired by this verse:At the end of my suffering there is a door. “The Wild Iris,” by Louise Gluck

Let people help you. They will be here for you after I’m gone. I have committed you to my memory, and that will never go away. Stand right there so I can see you. I know you want to tell me something. You don’t have to say it out loud, where I’m going I will know everything. I know you need to be happy again. Be patient, as hard as it will be, don’t rush. They’ve come to see me. They told me that it won’t be much longer. Thank you for telling him it’s okay for me to go. I stayed as long as I could for you and the kids. It was all worth it, I would do it all again. The rain is coming, make sure you open the window so you can hear it with me. 

I’m sorry you can’t sleep for too long. Let me help you, let’s dream together now. Let’s go for a walk. Do you see those moss covered rocks? I like to sit right there and watch beyond that slope. It’s always after the rain here. I take walks with everyone. I’ve been hearing stories from them that I haven’t heard in years! My side only hurts now from laughing too hard! Keep walking just a little further. Give me your hand, it’s a little rocky here. Wait, wait! Close your eyes, I’ll cover them for you. Turn this way, okay, now look. I come here every day and surf. Down that way there’s a little hut where I take naps once in while. And over there, beyond that tree is the best place to windsurf. Hey, don’t cry. I wanted to show this to you so that you know where I am. Take a deep breath. I love you. Let’s walk back, and next time I bring you here, we’ll go out on the water together, okay? Let me tuck you in. I’ll lay here with you for a few minutes, till you’re asleep. Goodnight, my love. 

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