The Agreement 

At this time in 2016, it was coming. The death spiral, the inevitable. Neither of us could imagine what was to come. There was always hope, but hope was never going to be enough. 

The Agreement 
You will not die in the hospital, I will get you out of there and bring you home.
You will have control over choosing palliative care over hospice care, I will have a witness at my side to make sure I am not putting my wants ahead of yours. 
You will be served anything you wish to eat, I will make each plate as beautiful and delicious as possible even though you will only eat with your eyes.
You will have all the morphine and good drugs you need, I will not let you be in pain or suffer.
You will not die without a fight, I will not live if I fight you’re going to leave me.
You will live on in memory and through our children, I will die a slow death in your absence without you to want me and love me here.
You will always be missed, I will always love you.

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