“Please look after this bear. Thank you.”
This is her time to have her space, that’s all she wants, it’s what she needs. She is that team player on the lacrosse field that can be put in any field position, and always knows who’s open. She sees a play before it happens. She is known for her wicked hard defense and her bursts of speed. This is now my world-traveller, and Peru is the just the start of her beautiful relationship with the world. She will never be defined by four walls around her, she will have the sun, moon, and stars as her everywhere companions. The world is now her lacrosse field, and she will learn every detail of it, explore every position, and live to play in it. Her father watches over her now, so much of him I see in her. Go now my daughter, find the places that speak to you and tell you stories, meet the people that embrace you, and live the life of your dreams. ~Mom (aka Paula)
Viajes seguros, mi hija, te amo. ❤️ 

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