Reunion – First Ride

A notebook, suncreen, and a bikini. These are the items I forgot to pack. I’m riding my bike to a beachwear store in a few minutes to pick these things up. Beachwear, in Pennsylvania? Yes, because nestled in along with dense tree-filled hills, golf courses, and winding roads are elaborately designed water parks and swimming pools. This is also a destination for lovers. The most important item, though, that nearly got left behind was his ashes. How could I forget, you ask? it’s the main reason for this trip.  Grief does this to me. It causes me to put sad thoughts or things I need to do out of my mind and replace them with those happier thoughts and things I’d like to do that make me smile. Plus, for this trip, I was not only packing myself, but also helping my two kids. My teenagers have their own trips while I am here. I was spread thin. I’m glad I remembered to put my bike on the roof carrier at least. Now on to the shop, it’s less than a three mile road ride away.~Paula

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