September 9, 2017

So many people loved him. At times I think they loved this man more than I did. They certainly knew him for longer than I did, so it actually makes sense that they would. Just tonight, I popped on to Facebook, to see that Boo Kitty had posted a video today about Hurricane Irma, or so I thought. Suddenly, it’s about Jon’s ashes and I’m watching Boo’s private, yet public video from a dock in Florida of his sprinkling him into Tampa Bay, all the while loud winds are whipping Boo’s hair and ominous clouds are not far off in the background. 

I keep receiving texts, emails, and Facebook posts of these tributes by his beloved friends who received ashes I delivered in small packets to the TKE reunion in July. They are each having their own ashes event, a place of their choosing where they can say “see you later” and visit often to remember him. Not only is Jon now located in the three places he requested, but now pieces of him are everywhere. 

What’s funny is, at this point, I have given all of Jon away, but he keeps coming back to me through these messages. I’m honored, often tearful, and grateful he had these amazing people in his life. Slowly over this past year, several of these bonds of brotherhood and friendship have been transferred over to me and my kids. It’s kind of like his things in the closet: what was once exclusively his, we’ve taken new ownership of, and now it’s people that we are claiming as ours that once seemed to be only belonging to him. These new bonds and connections are becoming complete, seemingly one ashes packet at a time. ~Paula

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