Looking Up

Today is not a special day. It’s like most: I wake up, get my kids out-the-door to school, and before getting knee-deep into endless paperwork management, I finally get to making coffee and toast with peanut butter and some kind of jam, and then sitting in this brief-quiet, crunching and sipping, watch a portion of some episode of an old television series, and currently, I’m in season 3 of Columbo.

Yeah, it’s just another ordinary day, those things happened today, but then, when driving home post-afternoon errands and a smallish-grocery shopping trip, a not-so-ordinary song comes on the car radio. Within the first three guitar notes, I know. I know it is the song that has silently guided me these past few months. I’m always grateful for beautiful lyrics, ones that describe so concisely and say in just the right amount of words, these are best-sung and need-heard repeating in an anthem-style refrain, all wrapped-up like a gift with a lovely-voice and guitar-strums as its pretty-smooth paper and curly-flowing ribbons.

And, to me, the best gifts are the unexpected ones. The ones that show up without prompting, and once noticed, eyes finding your name on the soft, cream-paper tag that you need to read three or five times to make sure what you’re seeing is really for you. This song, heard right here, right now, is a most-unexpected gift to an otherwise-ordinary day.

A song that reminds me to be patient, first with myself, then with everyone else. I hear Jon’s voice in these words now, I’ve turned up the volume to make sure I don’t miss a single breath, note or phrase. I feel a pulsing inside my skull, ears wide open to let this message be received without space in between. I need this message of perseverance today, to find my way though endless, ordinary days, just like this one. These are also painful days: unrelenting, unrewarding, and unbelievable. It is through this song, heard at this moment, giving me this message, so needed: I won’t give up.

Thank you, Jason Mraz and Michael Natter, for writing and delivering such a simple, yet rich, message. I feel these words in my soul, it awakens me, and reminds me to keep looking up. ❤️~P.

I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Hmmmm … Hmmmm … Hmmmm … Hmmm …

When I look into your eyes

It’s like watching the night sky

Or a beautiful sunrise

So much they hold

And just like them old stars

I see that you’ve come so far

To be right where you are

How old is your soul?

I won’t give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I’m giving you all my love

I’m still looking up

And when you’re needing your space

To do some navigating

I’ll be here patiently waiting

To see what you find

Cos even the stars they burn

Some even fall to the earth

We got a lot to learn

God knows we’re worth it

No I won’t give up

I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily

I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make

Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use

the tools and gifts we’ve got yeah we got a lot at stake

And in the end, you’re still my friend at least we did intend

for us to work we didn’t break, we didn’t burn

We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in

I had to learn what I got, and what I’m not and who I am

I won’t give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I’m giving you all my love

I’m still looking up

So easy is our life

What’s mine is yours and yours mine

Hardly do we ever find

We’d rather be kind

I won’t give up on us

Even if the skies get dark

I’m healing this broken heart

And I know I’m worthy

I won’t give up on us

God knows I’m tough, I am love

We got a lot to learn

God knows we’re worthy

No I won’t give up on us

God knows I’ve had enough

We got a lot to learn

And we’re, and we’re worthy

No I won’t give up

No I won’t give up

Source: Musixmatch


I Won’t Give Up lyrics © Great Hooks Music, A・k Company Limited, Goo Eyed Music, Bill Silva Management, SILVA TONE MUSIC OBO GREAT HOOKS MUSIC

Credit: google.com

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