Concrete Information

There’s been a change of exercise and training strategy till further notice. No more outdoor cycling: instead I’ve begun indoor cycling on a Schwinn Airdyne Fanbike. More about that later.

Outdoor running and walks continue, but are now solo, and I try to choose routes that may have as few other people as possible. Passing others while putting enough space in between has become an art form. However, what I’m trying mostly to do, is not to pass up seeing beauty and positive encouragement from the universe. On my 10k run yesterday, it came in the form of a sidewalk heart and “signs” with new-found meaning. ❤️ ~Paula

Concrete heart, a small, but much appreciated find on my running route. I’m hoping to see it again.
This simple sign is juxtaposed in front of a memory care facility. It’s a brilliant reminder to offer kindness to others and remember to give it to myself, too.
Community has a whole new meaning for all. Wishing each of you safe and creative ways to reach out and connect with those you love and care for. ~P.

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