Heart Burn

Spot-treatments for dandelions were necessary this spring, and it certainly did not help that watering the grass just has not happened as of late. With limited rain and summer temps climbing, the result is a mixture of speckled-green with dried, pale-tan blades seen across my little home landscape. This morning as I was walking through the grass to begin weeding the still shade-shrouded garden beds, crunch and crackle is heard with each step, and looking down, this burnt-to-crisp spot in the sun caught my eye. Almost the color of foam on a hot latte framed in a fairy-ring of green, appears the shape of a heart. ❤️ Seemingly, no life is in it. And as I am taking this picture, wondering: what will it take for new grass to grow here? I’ve already obliterated the offending dandelion with a weed-killer concoction, and it’s taken the surrounding grass with it. To heal this heart may require pulling out of what appears lifeless by loosening and scraping the hard, brittle-earth underneath, and then sprinkling new seeds like paprika added to paella. Thinking about these steps now, my bare shoulders are suddenly met with cold-pings of water droplets. It has begun to rain, and as this falling rain becomes like a loud applause, I’m realizing, there may be just a little help from above with the watering. ~Paula

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