Hearty Hello

Lake Michigan called me today and I answered. This is what the lake said to me. Not at first in words, but sounds of strong waves met and tickled my ears, so much so, that I had to pull up the hood of my sweatshirt.

For my eyes, the lake showed me heart shapes in the most unusual stone forms today. The water seemed to glisten and shift like liquid glass over everything it touched, in colors from inky-indigo to pale-moss-green. I wore my old gardening boots on the beach today, and while staring out to the horizon lost in looking, my boots took in some water from a surprise high-wave that gurgled at my feet. The water was not as cold as I expected it to be.

I turned from the water, stepping through deep sand towards the sunlit bank, and something small and red caught my attention. As I took a closer look at what this could be on a fall-flowering scrubby beach plant, little ladybugs alongside busy bees in abundance like Christmas lights all came into view. The lake then spoke directly to my heart, and said, “Come back soon, I like seeing you here.” ~P.

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