No Words For These Words

This is my 2021 intentions board created in the most fun Zoom party I have ever attended: The 2020 SoF Christmas Gathering party with The School of Facilitation. It was so worth getting coffee in hand, art supplies at the ready, and brain turned to “On” at 5:00am to join an eclectic group led by Kirsty Lewis to share some merry making and perspectives. (It was a 10:00am start time in the UK!)

I first became connected with this group of communicators and learners in the beginning of 2018. At that time, I was exploring ways to build meaningful relationships and was seeking guidance for having conversations about uncomfortable subjects in my writing. How could I share my story in an inviting way about grief, cycling, and love?

The role and position of “facilitator” in my writing seemed to suit my wanting to talk about my experiences, deciding they would be largely focused as sharing, and staying away from advising or directing. My motto “don’t judge, don’t fix, just read” preludes as an invitation without pressure for action or prompting a need for a reader to give me something in return.

In the past 3 years, my “big picture” goals have wavered and morphed quite a bit, but this I know: I have not lost sight of what I am called to do with the time I have left here. 2021 may be the year of “doubling down” in response to delayed-doing-efforts, by soon saying what needs said and doing things that need done. I’m still inspired by the movie What About Bob? and those “baby steps” I take right now may be small, but they still count as steps.

Maybe I should just listen to my own motto and do everything without pressure, or sans some type of action? I now look at this intentions board each day and know I cannot close my eyes to what I see and read. Special thanks to Air & Space magazine for providing just the right semantics to express my goals and thoughts for this year, now in progress. ~Paula

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