Timelapsed Heart

Peeking outside my window at 9:30 this morning, I was surprised to see a familiar shape along the walkway in shoveled snow. It is going to be a day of wind and warming-up with sunshine, so I decided to document over time what will happen. I am curious: how long would I see this undeniable shape?

Each photo, between one-to-two hours apart, shows a seemingly motionless heart imprinted in snow slowly changing its form. In the morning light, as sunshine climbs and reaches through tree branches, protective shade of powdered-blue softness gradually gives way to glazed-glass translucence. Then, delicate, dulled-green, finely-bladed grass cuts through to meet the rising sun’s rays.

Grass is emerging, blooming like an algae infestation taking-over a quiet pond. The warmed-green spreads, and ebbing frozen-snow melts and the heart shape has dissolved in retreat. The heart is gone, unable to maintain its appearance, and by 3:30 this afternoon, no evidence of its existence remains. ~Paula

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